The proposed development and construction of a tourism and hunting lodge on farm Waldeck no.28, Khomas Region, Namibia

Development and construction of a tourism and hunting lodge

Waldeck (Pty) Ltd proposes to develop a tourism and hunting lodge approximately 36 km south of Windhoek on Farm Waldeck No. 28 in the Khomas Region, Namibia. The development involves the construction of 6 accommodation units, a main common core area, two solar plants, an activities area, a butchery, cold storage and an existing game fence around the farm. All work will fall within the boundaries of farm Waldeck No. 28. Farm Waldeck No. 28 is located to the southeast of Windhoek next to the C23 road. It can be accessed from Windhoek by driving south along the B1 road and turning onto the D1463 road in an eastern direction. The farm is situated north of the road approximately 9 km from the junction.

ECC’s Role

ECC has been contracted by Waldeck (Pty) Ltd as the independent Environmental Assessment Practitioner (EAP) to facilitate the entire ESIA process. Prior to the start of the proposed projects, an environmental clearance certificate is required in terms of the Environmental Management Act, 7 of 2007 and the associated EIA Regulations. A final decision relating to the above-mentioned application will be made by Ministry of Environment, Forestry and Tourism (MEFT): Department of Environmental Affairs (DEA)

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