Environmental Monitoring

Water quality monitoring Ground Water monitoring Vegetation monitoring Revegetation monitoring assessment Mineral waste monitoring Compliance monitoring Construction monitoring

Ecological Services

ECC has extensive experience and knowledge in conducting Flora and Fauna surveys and management for mining, pipeline and construction activities. ECC ecological personnel have experience in ecological surveys across most biogeographical regions of Namibia. Ecological expertise at ECC includes: Desktop flora and fauna assessments. Targeted searches for Conservation Significant flora and fauna. Fauna clearance (pipeline […]

Auditing & Compliance

ECC can assist with: Environmental Management System Audits (ISO 14001). Conducting Compliance Audits for submission to regulatory authorities or internal voluntary use. Regulatory and voluntary site inspections to identify environmental hazards and incidents. Compliance Management (Obligations Registers, Performance Review Reports, Annual Environmental Reports). Development and implementation of Environmental Improvement Programs. Technical reviews to assess compliance […]

Pre-feasibility Studies

ECC has a team of senior and principal staff experienced in obtaining regulatory approvals for a range of projects throughout Namibia and internationally. ECC can co-ordinate the entire environmental approvals process, including: Strategic project planning. Consultation with regulators and stakeholders. Baseline studies. Site selection and project layout. Impact assessment using risk assessment and risk management […]