Proposed amendment to the Namzinc Refinery to increase output production to 300 000 tonnes per annum of refined zinc metal, in the !Karas Region.

Amendment to increase output production of refined zinc metal to 300 000 Tonnes Per Annum (tpa) ,

Namzinc intends to expand the Skorpion refinery’s capacity to produce 300 000 tpa of refined zinc metal at the approved Namzinc refinery as part of the conversion project. The request for the amendment is to enable the processing of 620 000 tpa of zinc sulphide concentrates that will produce 300 000 tpa. This is an increase of 150 000 tpa, as previously granted and approved in the 2015 Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and Environmental Management Plan (EMP). The proposed amendment will remain within the mine’s accessory works permit area.

ECC’s Role

Environmental Compliance Consultancy (ECC) has been engaged by the proponent (Skorpion Zinc (Namzinc) (Pty) Ltdto act on their behalf to apply and amend their existing  and approved environmental clearance certificate for the Namzinc Refinery to increase its capacity to produce 300 000 tpa of refined zinc metal. In terms of Section 39 of the Environmental Management Act, No. 7 of 2007, ECC has determined that the Ministry of Environment, Forestry and Tourism and Ministry of Mines and Energy are the competent authorities for the proposed project amendment.

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ECC-99-353-REP-05-D Amend 06.10.21.pdfDownload
ECC-99-353-REP-06-D EMP amend 06.10.21.pdfDownload

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Skorpion Zinc (Namzinc) (Pty) Ltd


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