Sectors We Serve

We provide services in various fields with the goal of creating a better future, and a vision to conserve and create sustainable environments.

Agriculture & Forestry

ECC works at supporting the Nations views of sustainably utilizing natural recourses. ECC can provide clients with a full range of services to meet the needs of their agricultural and/or forestry project. We provide advice on a range of services such as rangeland management; biomass services and best practice, conservation practices; waste management; water and irrigation licensing, harvesting permits; and stormwater management. We also have experience in providing climate change risk and vulnerability assessments for areas.

In addition to our agriculture and forestry experience, we also offer services targeted to rural development – including subsistence agriculture and livelihood development, road access and transportation planning and community health planning.

We offer high-quality professional services related sector compliance and permitting consulting with mobile auditing stations capable of staying in the field for weeks at a time.

Infrastructure & Construction

ECC provides environmental consulting services to large infrastructure developments (e.g. mining, oil and gas, hydropower, roads and electricity transmission line developments) throughout Namibia and Africa. Our services cover every stage of the project cycle – from pre-feasibility studies, Impact Assessments and project permitting through to construction, operations and closure.

We recognize that the early consideration and assessment of environmental issues in the infrastructure development process will avoid unnecessary delays and ensure that environmental factors are integrated into the project design. We are able to develop comprehensive Environmental Management Systems (EMS) for projects and provide the necessary management plans, procedures and on-site personnel to ensure environmental measures are implemented effectively.


ECC offers specialised services to the energy and oil and gas sectors including environmental assessment and management of hydropower projects. We have provided support to projects at all phases – from pre-feasibility environmental and social assessments through construction and operations monitoring to decommissioning and closure.

ECC combines experience with a strong understanding of international standards, including the Equator Principles and International Finance Corporation’s Performance Standards. This knowledge, coupled with an understanding of local regulatory systems and cultural sensitivities allows us to assist our clients in meeting regulatory requirements.

Mining & Minerals

We have experience working with most commodities and provide specialist consulting services to address environmental and social issues during all phases of mine life – from due diligence, exploration, prefeasibility and feasibility stages into construction, operations to rehabilitation, closure and post-closure management and monitoring.

We have specialist expertise in mine-site water quality management, environmental and social impact assessment, baseline and compliance monitoring, due diligence and general environmental management. ECC has international expertise in preventing, treating and managing Acid and Metalliferous Mine Drainage (AMD). Through our associations and affiliations around the world we offer a range of services to the mining sector.

Conservation & Tourism

ECC recognises the importance of the Conservation & Tourism sector. ECC offers specialised services to the sector including permits and approvals, environmental design, eco-sustainability, rangeland and game management. Our clients in this sector include Gondwana Pty Ltd, private and group owned lodges, tourism companies, farmers, conservancy holders and traditional authorities.

ECC recognises the importance of the Conservation & Tourism sector. Tourism is the second largest income generator in Namibia which has been increasing over the years and is set to continue to grow. As part of ECC’s business model and to support sustainable tourism, ECC has branched out into the industry through supporting tourism entities with environmental compliance as well as providing advice so that lodge designs and activities go over and above national expectations; so project’s become sustainable.

Namibia was the first African country to incorporate protection of the environment into its Constitution, and the government has reinforced this by giving its communities the opportunity and rights to manage their wildlife through communal conservancies. Today, over 43% of Namibia’s surface area is under conservation management. This includes national parks and reserves, communal and commercial conservancies, community forests, and private nature reserves. ECC works closely with conservancies and private nature reserves to ensure sustainable economic growth alongside conservation.

Independent Environmental Regulatory Compliance

Did you know?

An ‘environmental’ audit is a methodical examination (including tests, checks, and confirmation) of environmental procedures and practices with the view of verifying whether they comply with internal policies, accepted international practices and legal requirements.


‘Compliance’ monitoring is a continuous and systematic process to ensure that the conditions in the Environmental Clearance Certificate and Environmental Management Plan (EMP) are being adhered to.


The effective collection, integration, analysis and presentation of environmental data are essential components of sound environmental assessment and management. ECC has designed and implemented environmental monitoring programs for a range of projects. See our website for more information regarding current and past projects. As part of our vision to improve our surrounding environment we believe in education, training and experience. We have a team of well-trained Environmental Officers ready to form part of your on site team to conduct Independent Environmental Regulatory Compliance Services. ECC believes that the availability of timely, accurate environmental information is key to effective and practical decision-making.

Specific Services

We provide services in various fields with the goal of creating a better future, and a vision to conserve and create sustainable environments.

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