Proposed installation of fibre optic cable between Buitepos and Walvis Bay along the existing Transnamib Servitude

Paratus intends to install a single fibre optic cable on the existing servitude using existing pylons (where available or replacing poles if required) from Buitepos to Walvis Bay, Namibia.

ECC’s Role

Environmental Compliance Consultancy (ECC) has compiled this Environmental Management Plan (EMP) in accordance with the Environmental Management Act, 2007 on behalf of Paratus Telecommunication (Paratus).

The purpose of this EMP is to support the request for environmental clearance for the installation of the fibre optic cable on the existing railway servitude utilising existing infrastructure as available.

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ECC-45-66-REP-07-A -Paratus Telecom Biutepos_Walvis Fibre Optic cable EMP.pdfDownload
45-66-Fibre Optic Cable from Buitepos to Walvis Bay.pdfDownload

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Paratus Telecommunications


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