Proposed Jumbo Charcoal Group Scheme Management

Bush thinning and charcoaling activities

Jumbo views the ‘invader bush’ as a resource, which, if effectively managed, can increase the overall productivity of a farm (the unit). The fact that bush encroachment is responsible for loss of productivity is also recognized. Thinning out encroacher species therefore has many benefits, including:

  • Improved farm productivity – well managed bush thinning will result in more grass available for grazing
  • Increased water availability – reducing tree cover increases water available for grass and other species with shallow root systems and leaves water available for groundwater recharge
  • Increased biodiversity – a mix of vegetation types provides habitat for wider variety of species

Bush thinning and charcoaling activities can potentially result in adverse environmental impacts. Key impacts are:

  • Reduced soil quality through erosion after vegetation clearance;
  • Disturbance to flora and fauna through bush thinning activities;
  • Temporary loss habitat and thus reduction in biodiversity; and
  • Increased surface runoff during rainfall events leading to reduced surface water quality and soil erosion.

A range of beneficial impacts can also arise, including:

  • Improved rangelands leading to increased productivity;
  • Job creation;
  • Increased skills;
  • Eradication of invasive species; and
  • Increased silvicultural ecosystems and carrying capacity.


Report all events (DISPUTES, GRIEVANCE, ACCIDENT, INCIDENT, COMPLAINT) online using the link below:


In “Annexure F: Monitoring Requirements” of the Namibian FSC standard there are 32 aspects that need to be monitored on FSC-certified land. Please download the Namibian FSC standard here to view Annexure F: Information or documents from the following aspect numbers will be made publicly available upon request (if available/applicable): 1, 2, 6, 7, 13, 14, 17, 19, 21, 23, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30).

For any requests, questions, or enquiries please register as an I&AP by completing the form below or send an email to or

ECC’s Role

Environmental Compliance Consultancy (ECC) role is to manage the Jumbo Group Scheme. To find out who are members of the Jumbo Group Scheme, read more about previous reports and / or products kindly follow this link Jumbo Group Scheme Certificate For any information or queries or to request a summary of any of the Group Scheme Members or the Group Scheme at large, please do not hesitate to register as an I&AP or contact us directly.

Disputes and Grievance Procedure


  • Apply a systematic approach when addressing any complaint from a stakeholder
  • Follow up complaints timeously
  • Work closely with the claimant to resolve the complaint
    • Complaint documentation and record keeping: Should be in writing as far as possible and logged in the events register
    • Follow up: Producer to contact complainant as soon as complaint received and try to resolve matter over phone, if not, set up meeting. Meeting minutes to be taken.
  • In cases where the claimant feels that the matter is not dealt with on a satisfactory basis, they have the option of contacting the Group Manager to assist.


This Grievance Procedure provides a mechanism for the resolution of complaints (from employees or stakeholders), grievances or problems raised by employees in relation to human resource management and employment related matters. The aim of the procedure is to implement an integrated approach to resolutions through informal facilitation and mediation, and to lead to a prompt resolution of difficult problems. Consideration of all grievances shall be dealt with fairly, consistently, promptly and with sensitivity to all parties. Retaliation against an individual who files a grievance or participates in an investigation of such a grievance is strictly prohibited.


Informal Procedure

Employees should in the first instance have an informal discussion with their Line Manager/Foreman. Having an informal discussion can quite often solve the problem. Should the grievance concern the Line Manager/Foreman then the matter should be raised with a worker’s representative or Manager If the matter cannot be resolved by informal discussion or if the employee is not satisfied with the outcome of the informal discussion, then the employee must inform their Line Manager/Foreman of their intention to take the matter further and submit a formal written/verbal grievance

Formal Procedure

An employee who wishes to file a grievance should address grievances in writing, either individually, through the workers representative or line manager/foreman/manager or communicate it verbally HR/Management will inform the individual, workers representative or line manager/foreman of the outcome of the grievance, in writing, or verbally, as agreed. The outcome will be noted on the grievance letter, and if the employee is satisfied, he/she must sign off the grievance. A copy of the completed grievance letter and outcome will be filed for record keeping.


Should the above not suffice, a formal hearing will take place. At the hearing, the employee has the right to be accompanied by either a work colleague or a workers committee member. All grievance proceedings and records will be kept confidential. The outcome of the hearing will be communicated in writing wherever possible within 14 days of the hearing. Employees are encouraged to use the grievance procedure. No employee shall be prejudiced in any way for filing a grievance or invoking the grievance procedure.

Grievance Form – I&AP registration online, sms, watsapp, email etc.

The Unit Manager shall take care of all problems, the GM shall check the complaint book quarterly; if no appropriate action has been taken by the unit, they will be issued a CAR, giving them three months to take care of the issue. Failure to comply with this period will result in suspension of all deliveries to the group scheme until non-compliance is rectified.

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