Proposed development of land portions 4941 and 4939 current private open space to business space for Walvis Bay Waterfront, Erongo Region

Light industrial, residential, public open space, retail and various other activities in a waterfront development

Walvis Bay Waterfront Properties (Pty) Ltd intends to develop land portions 4941 and 4939 current private open space to business space for the proposed Walvis Bay Waterfront. The project includes developing a marina for the proposed Waterfront.

The proposed plans incorporate light industrial, residential, public open space, retail and various other activities in a waterfront development in Walvis Bay, Namibia.

The proposed project triggers listed activities in accordance with the Environmental Management Act 2007. An application for Environmental Clearance will be submitted in the form of an Environmental Impact Assessment to the relevant competent authorities and Ministry of Environment and Tourism in accordance with the Act.

The proposed Waterfront development will include several types of infrastructure and land use within the proposed site. Preliminary designs for the proposed development include the following:

Medium Density residential areas High Density residential areas Public Open Space, Business Offices, Hotel, Service Yard and Parking Areas Conference Centre, Internal Access Roads. Marina and Restaurants.

The site is located in the Walvis Bay Municipality of the Erongo Region, Namibia. The proposed Waterfront is situated on the land portions 4941 and 4939. The site has the following Municipal facilities that will be relocated as part of the project:

  • Swimming Pool and ablution/supporting services
  • Tennis Courts and small clubhouse
  • Cricket clubhouse (phase 1)
  • Cricket field (phase 2)
  • Jukskei courts

The project will be completed in two phases:

  • Phase 1 – 3.4ha
  • Phase 2 – 2.5ha

ECC’s Role

Environmental Compliance Consultancy [ECC] has been engaged by Walvis Bay Waterfront Properties (Pty) Ltd to undertake the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) for the proposed Walvis Bay Waterfront development.

The scope of work for the EIA is based on the scope of work provided by the MET and includes but not limited to assessment of:

  • Impacts of construction of channel and other structures below the high water mark on the water quality of the lagoon;
  • Risks of Marine pollution from boats
  • Impacts of boats navigation to and from the proposed Marines, taking into consideration of tidal variations in the lagoon;
  • A hydrodynamic modelling study needs to be completed for the channel and structures to see how these may affect the circulation in the lagoon and then assess the potential associated impacts
  • Appropriate maintenance plan for channel (dredging) and its impacts
  • Strategies for waste management
  • Impact of lights on the birds in the lagoon and alternatives
  • Any other impacts that may be found to be associated with the proposed

Many alternatives have been considered for the project, these include:

  • Marina design and position to prevent sedimentation
  • Building design and positioning
  • Sporting facilities relocation and options
  • Traffic routing and alternativesDesign alternatives for example breakwater wall design

One key component for consideration in the undertaking of this environmental impact assessment is the process of conducting a project alternatives assessment. The alternative assessment will look at options in project siting, technologies and land uses and will be included in the EIA.

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