Proposed sand removal on Farm Okakango Nord 58, Okahandja District, Otjozondjupa Region

Small-scale sand removal on Okakango farm Nord 58.

There is currently an opportunity for small-scale sand removal on Okakango farm Nord 58. The farm is situated approximately 20km from Okahandja in the Otjozondjupa Region.

The proponent proposes to remove approximately 240m3of river sand each month for commercial use from the Okakango River which routes through the farm site. Through sand removal, the farm can continue to provide jobs for local people and will contribute to meeting the demand for sand in the local area.

The proposed project triggers two Listed Activities under the Environmental Management Act, 2007 (Act No. 7 of 2007), therefore an Environmental Clearance Certificate is required. As part of the Environmental Clearance Certificate application, a scoping environmental assessment has been undertaken to satisfy the requirements of the Environmental Management Act, 2007. Additionally, to carry out the proposed activity permission is required from the Ministry of Agricultural Water and Forestry.

Throughout the development of the proposed project, public consultation has been undertaken in the form of newspaper advertisements, site notices and the preparation of a Background Information Document.

The environmental and social impact assessment was undertaken using a methodology developed by Environmental Compliance Consultancy (ECC). Through the scoping phase and application of the source-pathway-receptor model, it was determined that no likely significant environmental or social impacts would occur as a result of the proposed project, and any potential minor impacts would be avoided or mitigated by measures applied through the implementation of the Environmental Management Plan (EMP).

The assessment is considered to be comprehensive and sufficient to conclude that no significant impacts can be expected from the proposed project and it is concluded that no further assessment is required. On this basis, it is of the opinion of ECC that an environmental clearance certificate could be issued, on conditions that the management and mitigation measures specified in the EMP are implemented and adhered to.

ECC’s Role

Environmental Compliance Consultancy (ECC) is the appointed Environmental Practitioner for the project. ECC has completed the Environmental Scoping Study and Environmental Management Plan (EMP)in accordance with the Environmental Management Act, 2007.

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