The proposed Ongombo Copper Mining Project in the Khomas Region, Namibia

Ongombo Copper Project

It is envisaged that mining operation at the proposed Ongombo Copper Mine will be similar to that of Otjihase and Matchless in terms of metals mined and general mining and processing techniques but on a smaller scale. The Ongombo Project lies within the Matchless member of the Kuiseb Formation, a conspicuous assemblage of lenses of foliated amphibolite, chlorite-amphibolite schist, talc schist and metagabbro. This belt, up to 5km wide in the Otjihase area, stretches 350km east-north-eastwards in the Southern Zone of the Damara Orogen from the Gorob – Hope area towards Steinhausen, north of Omitara. There are general characteristics found in all deposits. The sulphide mineralization is found in “shoots” a few tens of meters up to 400m wide and several kilometres in length. At least 13 deposits are known, the largest of these occur in three distinct clusters at Gorob/Hope in the south and Matchless and Otjihase/Ongombo/Ongeama in the north.

The Project will be a low grade and low tonnage operation, therefore the mine will be a low-cost operation and designs will be directed at keeping operating and capital costs to a minimum. The target production rates to be evaluated are set for a 40ktpm operation. The proposed Project is in Central Namibia near the Windhoek District, 1.5km northeast of the Otjihase Mine and 45km from Windhoek in the Khomas Region. The property can be accessed from Windhoek, towards Gobabis on the (B6) and then by gravel road (M53).

ECC’s Role

Environmental Compliance Consultancy (ECC) has been contracted by Shali Group Holdings (Pty) Ltd to revise and update the environmental and social impact assessment (ESIA) for underground mining activities within EPL 5772, Khomas Region, Namibia.

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