Gondwana Water Abstraction Licences & Sewerage Waste Water Permits

Environmental Compliance Consultancy (ECC) has been engaged by the Proponent to act on their behalf, to ensure compliance with The Water Act No 54 of 1956 and to align with the pending Water Resources Management Act No 11 of 2013.

ECC’s Role

ECC will complete the following tasks in order to obtain the above-mentioned permits:

  • Initial and ongoing consultation with the Ministry on behalf of Gondwana to keep them informed and consulted throughout the process to ensure open transparent lines of communication are maintained
  • A site visit (if required) to obtain photos and information to support above mention permit applications
  • Water samples to determine the output standard of the wastewater plants
  • This will be used to determine the permit / exemption applied for under the Act
  • GPS locations of discharge points
  • ECC will obtain from the client the dewatering information including pump locations, pump hours and rates
  • Compile all relevant permit application forms and supporting documentation
  • Compile the required Abstraction Management Plan

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Gondwana Colleciton Namibia (Pty) Ltd


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