Alfacharcoal Namibia Resource Management Unit (RMU)


Proponent: Alfacharcoal Namibia PTY LTD

Status: Finalised

Sector: Agriculture

Country: Namibia


Alfacharcoal (Alfa) supports the sustainable bush thinning in Namibia. The objective is to strengthen the restoration of productive rangeland in Namibia. The project adds value to assist with large-scale bush thinning activities by converting the biomass to charcoal. Alfa’s focus is closely aligned with the 2012 National Industrial Policy and the Growth at Home Strategy, both promoting domestic surplus value for local resources.

Please read more about Alfacharcoal Namibia on their website:

Alfacharcoal Website

ECC’s Role in the project

Environmental Compliance Consultancy (ECC) role is to manage the Resource Management Unit. To find out who are members of the Alfacharcoal Resource Management Unit, read more about previous reports and / or products kindly follow these links



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