Proposed mechanized bush thinning operations and construction of a biomass processing (Charcoal Burning Retort System), storage and packaging plant on Farm Gai Kaisa No. 159, Otjozondjupa Region.

Charcoal production in Namibia presents strategies to combat bush encroachment, supplement farming income, and contribute to employment creation. Retort Charcoal Producers (Pty) Ltd, will be thinning out invader bush for the reclamation of rangeland and selling the biomass, generating income. The biomass process and manufacturing plant will include retort kilns carbonising the biomass to charcoal, a […]

Proposed Otjikoto agricultural project, Otjozondjupa Region

The proposed Otjikoto agricultural project size at the end of the final phase will be 135 hectares. The intention is to initially plant fodder for cattle such as Rhodes Katambora grass as well as rotational crops such as maize and wheat. Should the trial be successful additional crops could be considered.